Welcome to Gift and Garnish!!

Hey friends!! 

We're Sarah & Laylee; besties who created this shop to deliver a dose of fun and kindness into your life... because we could all use a little more of that!! 

We are so excited to welcome you to the shop!! This passion project of ours was dreamt up over many cups of coffee and more than a few Bloody Marys (spicy with extra garnish of course)!

We wanted to create beautifully designed and heartfelt products that we would want to wear and fill our closets and homes with... but we felt selfish keeping all this goodness just for us, so now we are sharing it with you!! 

We're passionate about lifting others up, and we know that the little things can make all the difference... whether it's a cute mug gifted by a friend, or an extra olive on top of your cocktail. 

We hope you find the perfect gift to make your friend smile... and we hope you'll remember to treat yourself too. You deserve a sprinkle of kindness just as much as anyone!

With love,

Laylee & Sarah